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♟  Create an account. We will approve all that have an organisation based at the Ideon Science Park. 



♞  Find you organisation through search. Request to be admin of the organisation, or tell the right person in the organisation to do this. When approved, please update the settings to be the correct categorisation, this is how others find your organisation and can start to follow! If Logo is missing, please update.



♜  Start posting, create events or calls (at your organisation or profile page, to the left, below the image). At the top menu you may also create calls, meetings, webinars or check out the marketplace, to see if others are looking for your service, partnership or competence!



♝  To find existing groups/networks to follow/join, go to the Ideon Science Park logo to end up on the front page, scroll down to see number or organisations and groups or networks or use the search field.



♚  We hope you like this initiative. Please enjoy the Ideon Insider Community!




♛ Good Luck!